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Coastal Fashion Tips: Dressing for Different Types of Beaches

Packing the perfect beach wardrobe can be a testing task. Beach outfits require versatility and functionality, making finding something fashionable and practical difficult. The aim is to find clothes that suit the type of beach you’re visiting. If you need help deciding what to wear to your next idyllic getaway, the mystic shop can help you. Here are some coastal fashion tips to help you dress for different types of beaches:

Mediterranean Beaches

Embrace vibrant colors and playful patterns. Pack a flowing maxi dress in a bold print or bright hue paired with strappy, flat sandals that won’t sink into the sand. Oversized sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat will complete the look.

Tropical Beaches

Tropical beaches are best suited for bright colors and fun prints, which can be found in mystic shops. Combine a colorful one-piece swimsuit, a light skirt, and colorful flip-flops. Add a hat or a bandana, statement earrings, and a colorful kimono for extra glam. You can don sunglasses or a beach hat to complete the look.

Beaches With High Waves

Pack a swimsuit that moves with you. Avoid wearing something too revealing or hinder your movement. A one-piece swimsuit or surf-style bikini will suffice. Pair your swimsuit with a light cover-up for when it gets chilly. Use sunglasses to shield your eyes and a colorful pareo to wrap around your waist. Flip flops or slip-on trainers are ideal footwear here.

Sandy Beaches

While at Sandy beaches, keep it light and breezy. A sarong or a maxi skirt is perfect for walking alongside the beach. Keep the beach sand at bay by going barefoot or wearing simple sandals. Add a fun hat to protect your face and colorful jewelry for a touch of glitz. Pack a beach bag for sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good beach book.

Rocky Coastline

Wear comfortable footwear on the rocky coastline. Opt for sneakers or walking sandals to navigate through the rugged terrain. Wearing a bikini may be uncomfortable here. Choose quick-dry shorts or a wetsuit, and wear a t-shirt or long-sleeve top for sun protection. Finish with a light backpack and a hat.

Urban Beaches

An urban beach, like Venice Beach or Santa Monica Beach, requires a different fashion approach. The beach style is edgier, so opt for something casual and relaxed. A crop top paired with high-waisted shorts or distressed denim jeans is always trendy. Remember to accessorize with a statement piece like a large-brimmed hat or bohemian jewelry.

Beachside Brunch

Pack a cute sundress in a classic silhouette paired with strappy sandals and statement earrings. Have a lightweight shawl or cardigan in case the ocean breeze picks up. If in a high-end restaurant, go for a light dress, a summer blazer, and a pair of wedges. A tote bag for your essentials and sunnies completes the ensemble.

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Grab Your Favorable Beach Attire at a Mystic Shop

Dressing for different types of beaches is all about finding the balance between style, comfort, and practicality. These coastal fashion tips will help you pack the perfect wardrobe no matter what beach you visit. Choosing clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable in your skin is the key to looking and feeling your best. Visit mystic shop and get your appropriate beach attire.

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