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8 Steps in Video Production

8 Steps in Video Production

Sharing quality videos of your products or services may help increase your business’s customer engagement. Quality visual content can also motivate more potential customers to trust and become loyal to your brand. Video production involves several steps in the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. Here are eight steps any Houston video production company will likely follow when making your marketing videos:

1. Creating a Video Strategy

Developing a video strategy first involves determining the goal your video marketing wants to achieve. This can help the company produce a video sharing the right message to the target audience. Some of your video marketing goals might be to increase customer conversion rates, brand awareness, or customer advocacy. A video production company can also research your target viewers as part of developing a strategy. This can help the company produce a marketing video addressing your target audience’s needs.

2. Planning the Video Content

This step involves writing a script and creating a storyboard. The Houston video production company you choose should write an understandable, concise, and entertaining script. A storyboard helps the company plan the video and avoid possible filming mistakes.

3. Scouting the Location

Location scouting can help the company produce real marketing visual content for your business. A video production company knows which backdrops and props can fit into the identified location for a perfect video tone. The company also understands the lighting, size, and acoustics your video location should have.

4. Finding Talent

A video production company can decide to include your employees or target customers in your video. They may also decide to use hired actors for a professional touch. Finding the right people for your video can impact the end result and the response you get from your target audience.

5. Shooting the Video

This step involves setting up the tripod, camera, microphone, and other necessary video filming equipment. All participants should undergo rehearsals before shooting to familiarize themselves with the video story. Video shooting can involve the creation of animations, B-roll footage, or voiceovers.

6. Editing the Video

During video editing, editing software helps polish the video from the captured footage by adding new text and graphics. Video editing can also include the elimination of background noises and volume adjustment. Editing can make your video look more professional and attract more viewers.

7. Coding the Video

Coding can help your target audience view your marketing videos from their laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. A video production company understands the format and size your marketing video files should use. If you want a short-form, attention-grabbing video, the company can code for you a vertical video. Horizontal videos tend to be long-form and more engaging.

8. Distributing the Video

Video production companies distribute marketing videos by uploading them on their clients’ websites, social media, and other platforms. These hosting platforms have analytics to help you assess your marketing video performance. Optimizing your marketing video after distribution can increase its visibility and your business’s competitiveness.

Contact a Houston Video Production Company

Video marketing may help increase your brand awareness and build customer trust and loyalty. An expert has the right skills and expertise to make quality marketing videos for your business. Contact a professional Houston video production company to get started today.



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