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5 Services a Premium Domain Name Broker Provides

5 Services a Premium Domain Name Broker Provides

Sites that have a premium domain can attract more business because it is likely to attract traffic and rank high in search engines. Your domain is your location and brand. With a premium domain name, you can rake in valuable prospective clients, increase conversions, and improve future profits. Here are ways a premium domain name broker can help assess, purchase, and transfer your premium domain name.

Domain Valuation

Domain valuation is the value of a particular URL. A domain name’s price can vary depending on its keyword relevance, commercial potential, and domain length. Here are a few factors a broker may use for the domain appraisal:

  • The Domain Rating (DR): On a 100-point scale, it displays the success rate of a website’s backlink profile compared to its peers. A higher DR score indicates that the domain is of higher quality and has more SEO potential.
  • Length of the domain address: Shorter addresses perform better. They are easy to remember, spell, share, and differentiate from others.

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  • Domain Authority (DA): On a 1-100 score range, it shows a website’s success in search engine result pages. A high score corresponds to a higher ranking, depending on root domains or inbound links.
  • Domain History: Considering a domain can have many uses throughout its lifetime, its history can affect performance. A domain previously used by a piracy site can affect your business even after an ownership change. Piracy is illegal, and unresolved penalties or actions may affect your new site’s reputation.
  • Link Quality: Link quality affects relevance and authority. A credible and trusted domain has quality backlinks, which can improve website ranking.

Domain Acquisition

A domain broker assists you in purchasing previously registered premium domain names. A reputable broker helps check domain ownership and legitimacy because certain domains are used for illegal activities. You want a domain name that is not fake and has a good history.

Having strong relationships is at the core of many trades. A premium domain broker has an established network that can help make an offer and negotiate a favorable price. The domain broker will handle the paperwork and provide anonymity to avoid the possibility of the involved parties’ identities influencing the price.

Domain Name Transfer

A domain name transfer involves changing a domain name registrar to another. A domain broker will handle the transfer steps on your behalf for a fee. The domain transfer entails these steps:

1. Updating contact information

Your domain broker can update your contact information for communication between your previous registrar and the new DNS registry provider. It involves logging in to your present registrar’s control panel and correcting your name, phone number, and physical address. Any errors or missing information can cause delays or transfer rejections.

2. Establishing Your Email Sending Domain Name

A domain registrar offers email services linked to your domain name to help your business grow. During domain transfers, these email accounts are often disabled, potentially limiting your communication. A broker can set up a primary and secondary email address before the transfer to avoid communication breakdowns.

3. Unlocking Your Domain

A premium domain name broker will assist in unlocking a domain. Domains are, by standard, locked to avoid unintended changes or losses. Depending on your existing provider, your broker can unlock with one click or manually from your registrar.

4. Authorization Code Request

Your domain name broker will assist you in getting an authorization code that protects your domain from unauthorized transfers. The code will connect your previous registrar with your new provider. The code should be offered within a week upon request.

5. Domain Transfer Authorization

After getting your authorization code, your broker will use it to communicate with your previous registrar and the new DNS registry provider. The domain broker will confirm your contact details and legitimately authorize the transfer.

6. Paying for The Domain Transfer

A broker can assist in payments and finalizing the transfer. Your new DNS registry provider may request a year of service fee. Your broker will handle the domain’s release by the original provider and the domain and server configurations.

Contact a Premium Domain Name Broker Today

A premium domain name can help boost your brand’s value while costing less than traditional advertising and marketing. While you can navigate the appraisal, purchase, and transfer alone, a broker can quickly guide you to your desired result. Do your research before hiring a premium domain name broker to secure the best value from the deal. Contact a domain name broker today to start the journey to a successful domain acquisition.



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