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Cracking The Defence Exams On The First Attempt 

Known for its prestigious privileges, the defence job is pursued by so many Indian youngsters. We feel proud of someone belonging to the military and their background. Well, it is not easy to bag a defence job. A candidate willing to grab a job in the defence sector has to appear for the defence exams that are conducted by the Indian government every year. A common desire to become a soldier makes the defence exams quite competitive exams. So many Indian youngsters appear for the defence exams to turn their dream of becoming a soldier into reality. 

Don’t assume that cracking the defence exams is a game of two days. Candidate work for these exams for months. They stay engaged in the defence exam preparations rigorously to make a way to success in the exams. But the government is going to recruit a handful of them for the prestigious jobs in the sector. But still, the candidates don’t feel diffident and keep on preparing for the exams with strong enthusiasm. 

This article will help you get a profound acquaintance with the top tips to crack the defence exams on the first attempt. We are sure that the article is going to help you in meeting your goal in a short span of time. Don’t make a decision to walk the journey with random steps as these steps can lead you in the wrong direction. Read this article and learn the tips and sources along with their proper use to prepare for the defence exams brilliantly. 

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Let’s crack the defence exams on the first attempt with the help of the tips elaborated on below: 

Active revision 

The revision of the concepts is paramount and you can’t neglect it, no matter what. Do rigorous efforts in revising the concepts with the utmost efficiency if you want to crack the defence exams. But make sure to pay attention to only those topics that are stated in the exam syllabus. Because the questions in the exams will check your knowledge that will be only relevant to the topics mentioned in the exam syllabus. 

Last year’s papers 

The last year’s papers are the source to learn the core information and requirements that help in acing the exams. No one is allowed to miss the last year’s papers. Because these are vital sources to bring the exam preparations on the right track. Moreover, to access these papers, you don’t need to go to the market. Just browse the web and access a vast number of last year’s papers and that too for free. 

Besides this, make sure that you are solving the papers to receive an idea of the core content that the questions in the exams seek. Don’t use them only with the intent to know your level of preparation. 

Paper-attempting skills 

Polish your skills to finish the paper on time with the utmost efficiency. For this, you will need umpteen mock tests that relate to the format of the actual exams. Don’t omit to solve these mock tests as these tests will help you in taking the test with the utmost efficiency. Solve the mock tests daily for 15 minutes to develop an ability to attempt the paper with confidence. 

Let it be simple 

Don’t let your exam preparations be tough by overthinking the toughness. In fact, just listen to the experienced candidates, stick to the syllabus, solve the last year’s paper and the knock tests, and keep the process suitable for your health. Don’t accumulate books that don’t relate to the exams. However, you can read motivational books to inspire you to work hard. Prepare for the CDS exam with the utmost efficiency by joining an incredible palmtop that offers the best CDS coaching in Gurgaon.


To keep the exam preparations suitable for your health, rely on a healthy diet and embrace regular meditation and exercise. The tips mentioned above will help you in accomplishing your goal on the first attempt. Make sure to work on your defence exam preparations with faith and sincere efforts.

Simran Chauhan
Simran Chauhan
Simran is currently perusing her Masters in Computer science. She has been working with us from past 2 years.

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